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Electronic Patient Record Software

Alembico's Patient Record Management System: Where Technology Meets Healthcare


What Makes Alembico’s Electronic Patient Record Software Unique?

Alembico’s patient record software is engineered to align with the thought processes of physicians and healthcare providers. This means a visually intuitive interface that allows for easy tagging of elements like lab results, imaging data, and prescriptions. This integrated approach ensures that preventative care and consultations are seamlessly incorporated into patient charting. Developed in collaboration with physicians, our templates are crafted to let you capture patient encounters and medical histories without diverting your attention from patient care.

A Truly Integrated Cloud-Based Patient Record Management System

Managing patient records in the cloud should mean something other than sacrificing user-friendly charting for robust data security and quick retrieval. Our cloud-based patient management software offers real-time charting software that enhances encounter documentation and recall while automating lab reports, medication management, and patient record synchronization.
Our customizable charting templates are designed for efficiency and contain all the essential fields you need. They facilitate quicker adoption, seamless office collaboration, and effective tracking of conditions and treatments.
Key features include:
  • A unified view of a patient’s history, current status, and care notes
  • Quick-charting note templates for efficient encounter documentation
  • Easy access to reference documents, lab results, and other paperwork
  • Comprehensive one-page summaries of patient charts
  • Advanced e-prescribing software with built-in drug interaction tables for secure medication management

Enhanced Record-Keeping, Seamless Connectivity, and Workflow Optimization

As a fully cloud-supported patient management solution, Alembico EMR delivers the flexible charting capabilities modern healthcare providers need, offering tablet-friendly chart management for access on the go. Alembico EMR auto-generates patient charts during each visit, keeping you consistently informed.
Alembico EMR’s cloud infrastructure allows easy integration with essential government systems and supports MCEDT billing. Our patient record software enhances communication between doctors, practices, and patients. Alembico EMR’s built-in features include:
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Customizable note and form templates
  • Patient-led appointment booking, confirmations, and much more
All these features seamlessly integrate with Alembico’s advanced electronic patient record software, allowing your practice to concentrate on patient care rather than struggling with technology . This ensures optimal clinical outcomes for your patients. Curious to see how Alembico’s software fits into the overall EMR experience?