EMR Software Features

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Simple UI

Alembico’s Simple UI is one of the standout EMR features designed to minimize your clicks and maximize patient interaction time

Cloud-based Platform, Powerful Security

With Alembico EMR, you can experience the freedom of a cloud-based platform and access your files from anywhere, securely protected by state-of-the-art encryption and two-factor authentication.
Alembico EMR Software
Have you ever wondered how an EMR with a simple UI, a cloud-based platform, and an encounter-centric design could help your daily workflows? Let’s help you explore the details of Alembico’s EMR software features.


Utilize Alembico’s template-driven EMR features to customize your workflow. Whether for individual or clinic-wide use, these templates make your daily tasks more efficient.


Alembico’s encounter-centric design, one of the key EMR software features, helps you streamline daily workflows by centralizing quick-access menus and shortcuts on one page for fast, efficient healthcare delivery.


Our all-in-one platform comes with a built-in scheduling system. So, you can enjoy a seamless way to organize appointments, helping healthcare providers manage their day effectively and focus on patient care.

Communication System

Stay connected with your team through Alembico’s real-time messaging feature. This electronic medical records feature ensures that you’re always in sync with your staff.

Patient Portal with Online Booking

Empower your patients with our patient portal, where they can book appointments online or communicate with you directly.

Real-Time Health Card Validation

Validate your patient’s health card information with just one click. This EMR feature ensures smooth billing and helps you avoid missing any payments.


Experience Alembico’s automatic MCEDT billing, our special EMR software feature. It offers secure, 24/7 claims submission to Ontario’s Ministry of Health, ensuring timely payments.

Practice Management Tools

Alembico’s comprehensive EMR software includes practice management tools. Sort through administrative, HR, and payroll tasks to keep your business organized and efficient.

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